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Nurturing your natural black hair

Natural black hair has its own beauty, though in recent times we are getting fond of colouring our hair, but natural black hair always scores high. Black hair is more difficult to take care of, because it’s fragile & breaks easily, but like every other problems it also has some way outs.

  • Before applying any chemical treatment on your hair you need to know its condition & for that you need to extract a hair & place it strongly between your hands and then tug. If it breaks without any stretching, its condition is really terrifying & you need to avoid any medical treatments.

  • For heavy curly hair if you crop it short as well as close then it will be easy for you to maintain. You can just shampoo & condition your hair along with some soft wax.
  • Straightening or relaxing your curls through chemical treatment can cause some hair problems, so going for the professional advice is the best option.
  • Using of protective good products while applying hot combs or curling tongs is necessary.
  • To maintain the tight curls you can use the curl activators or even moisturising spray. It will provide help in keeping the curls intact.
  • Don’t pull your hair hard very frequently; ultimately it will lead to hair loss.
  • Because of its natural dry nature black hair needs to be coloured very carefully.
  • You need to apple hot oil therapy once in a month to moisturise your scalp as well as your hair.
  • To enhance the oil production you need to massage your scalp regularly.
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