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Corticosteroids can Speed up the Pneumonia Recovery

The study says that corticosteroids can speed up the Pneumonia recovery by adding Dexamethasone to the Antibiotics; it helps to treat the people having Pneumonia.

On Tuesday, May 31, the Dutch researchers say that the patients having Inflammatory Lung Condition are found to recover faster with the Corticosteroids in addition to their Antibiotics. The Inflammatory Lung Condition is known as the Community-Acquired Pneumonia.

The researchers found that people who are treated with the combination of Corticosteroids and Antibiotics are required to stay at the Hospital for their treatment.
These observations are taken from the largest study that focused the potential of Corticosteroid for the treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia.

Dr. Sabine Meijvis from the St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein, the Netherlands and colleagues gave these findings on May 31, 2011.

Mejvis and his group found that Community-Acquired Pneumonia is treated with the help of Antibiotics following an early diagnosis.

The Dutch team studied the 300 Community-Acquired Pneumonia patients to find whether Corticosteroids might reduce the risk for the fatalities. Half of the patients were given the standard Antibiotic combined with the 5 Milligram everyday of the Corticosteroid Dexamethasone.

Other half were given Antibiotics with the Placebo. Placebo is an inactive treatment.

After 4 days, the research team found that patients who were given the Corticosteroid experienced the less Lung Inflammation. They recovered quickly as compared to those patients who were just given the Antibiotics.
The patients who were treated with the Corticosteroid needed 1 less day of Hospitalization than the Antibiotic Group.

The researchers found that the Corticosteroid patients had better Social Functioning relative to the Antibiotic group at the end of the month.

The team noted that the serious disorders were uncommon among the Corticosteroid group.

The people using Corticosteroids may suffer from infections and the Gastric disturbances. Infection and the Gastric disturbance are the common disadvantages of these Drugs.

The Personalized Websites Helps People to Maintain the Weight Loss: Study Shows

The weight loss is an activity which most of people performs worldwide but there are many few that gets the desired results and the main reason for this is the lack of consistency during the weight loss routine.

A recent study has shown that the more people used in the weight management website, the more weight loss they obtained.

The study was actually taken by Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research and it got published online in the open access Journal of Medical Internet Research.  The study was funded by National Institutes of Health and it evaluated a website that facilitated internet based weight maintenance intervention and it involved 348 participants.

High Sugar Consumption Can Cause Heart Diseases

Heart Diseases:

Photo by: Otis spunkmeyer

Photo by: Otis spunkmeyer

Eating too much sugar was previously associated with heavy consumption of fats and Diabetes but now US researchers have showed up another drastic affect of consuming too much sugar and that is the relationship of sugar and heart diseases. It was reported that people who ate more added sugar are at high risks of getting heart diseases like higher triglycerides and lower levels of protective high-density lipoprotein or HDL cholesterol. This study was actually published in the Journal of American medical association and while talking about the report Dr. Miriam Vos of Emory School of Medicine said that “Just like eating a high-fat diet can increase your levels of triglycerides and high cholesterol, eating sugar can also affect those same lipids”.