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“Little Miracle Missions” is a Year Long Program by Pampers

On the announcement of 50th anniversary celebrations, General Manager of Pampers Jodi Allen said, “In the midst of this very exciting milestone, Pampers 50th birthday, we are taking a retrospective look at five decades of parenthood filled with scientific advancements that have fundamentally changed the way we have we become parents. In embracing all of these changes and believing that all babies are little miracles to be celebrated we are so thrilled to unveil our Little Miracle Mission Campaign, which delivers acts of support to families and(hopeful families), while encouraging them to do the same. This is just the start of the amazing things we can do together and at the end of our birthday year; we hope to make this a better world for little miracles now and for years to come”.
Pampers 50th birthday celebrations Kicks off Little Miracle Missions at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. It continued its 50th birthday celebrations along with the celebrity parents and delivered the care packages to the NICU in the Newyork at Mount Sinai Hospital. Pampers also conducted a research to take an idea how parenting have evolved in U.S.A since last 5 decades. Increase in multiple births rates in U.S.A, rise of the use of fertility treatment, increase in number of single-parent families etc are the outcomes of this study, Current birth rate of U.S.A is almost equal to that of 50 years back, Gestational Surrogacy has become a more feasible option, Rise in average age of first-time mom, Stay-at-home fathers has become common are the outcomes of this study.
Pampers has planned to celebrate its 50the anniversary year in a quiet different way, it aims to encourage people to help others. Pampers kicks off Little Miracle Missions, to set examples for others. Employees of Pampers are playing a major role to make it successful, on 11th of April, employees with Vic Mills i.e. the founder of Pampers and inventor of Pampers diapers gathered with their kids to honor the progress of parenting and the role played by the Pampers at headquarters of P&G Baby Care.
Little Miracle Missions is a year long program; Celebrate, Support and Protect are the main theme line of this philanthropic campaign by Pampers, the shining brand of Proctor & Gamble.

DBSA’s New Campaign

Depression can really take patients down because these patients have very low self confidence and low motivation levels.

Hence, they need something better than medications. Although, some health experts believe that bipolar depression and major depressive disorders can be resolved through proper medication but AstraZeneca has decided to take the new initiative for these patients. AstraZeneca recently decided to go for partnership with Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) where they will launch a new campaign that would help patients suffering from depression to overcome their depression problems. The campaign is in the second year and it is known as Speak and Be Heard Living with Depression.

Why Premature Birth is So Serious and Dangerous?

Premature birth can be defined as a birth of a child before the thirty seven weeks of pregnancy completes and after viability.

Viability can be described as a stage when the fetus is able to survive outside the womb of the mother.

Babies born as early as 23 weeks have survived premature birth, but majority of them have been confronted with a series of health hazards.

Premature birth is known to be extremely dangerous for the child as well as the mother because it involves a departure from the general course of pregnancy. Especially, the babies are subject to an array of health problems ranging from acute neurological issues to death. And the main reason behind is that when babies are born prematurely, they do not get time to develop fully, and thus the organs are unable to function properly.

Gynecologists Recommend RepHresh tampons

Tampons since their invention had a same basic purpose. But they got a bit smarter with the launch of the new RepHresh Brilliant Tampon. This new product is a bold and a innovative step towards feminine protection ReHresh Brilliant Tampon actually has the capacity of reducing the pH increase that happens during the time of a woman’s period.

pH is said to be the measure of the acidity levels of the vaginal environment. Generally the pH of blood of a healthy woman ranges from 3.5 to 4.5 but during the menstrual stage this goes up to 7.4.

Traditional Tampons had the feature of absorbing and retaining fluids but lacked the ability of reducing the pH levels. According to gynecologists maintenance of the normal pH levels are very important and they previously dint have any such product which could reduce the pH increase during the periods. Menstrual fluids have an elevated pH when compared to a woman’s normal non-menstrual vaginal pH range. T

Stop Wasting Food and Contribute to the Society

When a person contemplates the issues surrounding land filling they hardly take into consideration the damage caused by tons of food waste that gets deposited in that fill.

People think that food wastes are biodegradable, so they feel that throwing of food does not create any problem to our environment.

According to environmentalists food waste produces methane which is a greenhouse gas and is about 21 times more damaging than Carbon Dioxide. Methane is a very harmful gas which damages the Ozone layer and in turn increases the temperature of our planet and contributing towards Global Warming. So there must be some adequate steps taken for stopping food waste all around.

It’s true today that food is available in abundance today in the developed nations but like America many of the developed nations chucks out a lot of food as waste. Estimated figures suggest approximately 25% of the household purchase gets wasted and thrown away, which accounts to a quarter of the total expenditure households make for consumption of food. This figure is huge when compared to in monetary terms.

Some of the Most Challenging Allergy Places as Unraveled by 2010 AAFA Reports

Some of the most challenging places to live with allergy have been unraveled according to the 2010 AAFA reports. Spring and fall seasons are the worst with allergy attacks and these have been bringing some of the most serious cases of allergy in all of US.

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America or AAFA has been bringing some of the most significant ways of working with allergy and bringing proper and scientific analysis of the factors involved with bringing most allergies.

The 100 largest metros of US have been some of the most busily affected areas while there are other aspects too that have been working through measurement and comparison of different associated factors of allergy. It is one of the most terrible things to have repeated allergy attacks but with help and regulation of lifestyle there can be new solutions that can be effectively reached.

Some of the most important ways through which allergy attacks can be controlled are through assessment of pollen scores, number of allergy medications as well as allergy specialists that each patient goes to.

Hank Aaron Inspires OA Patients with This Breakthrough Campaign

Baseball legend, Hank Aaron, saw and felt his career down sliding, after being diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee. Hank was determined to find a way to relieve the pain completely and get back to his gaming. This way he was able to find his way to healing and getting over the pain once and for all. He was diagnosed with knee OA and for years faced the painful challenges that came with all the associated problems.

Photo by Kittie55

Photo by Kittie55

They became so hard that it went challenging for him to even walk at one point. When his team with a good set of doctors, made through the breakthrough program, Hank was ultimately led free from his problems. This lifetime solution made way for something grand and a major relief in making it possible for once-affected OA patients to experience something that liberates them out of these misalignments. It is possible for any sportsperson to get back to the game and enjoy the rest of the normal daily rigors and activities, even after all the countless problems there are greater possibilities for one to enjoy the deals of finding oneself back to perfect health.

Stress: A Killer Of Healthy Skin


We are quite familiar about the bad impacts of stress, stress can be the cause of hypertension, heart attack etc, but it also leaves a bad impact on our skin. It can damage our skin with early wrinkles, acne etc.


  • To keep your skin healthy you need to control your stress. When you feel overloaded with stress then don’t waste any more time to visit the doctor. You can also indulge yourself in meditation, yoga to control your stress level. Sometimes simple spa therapy can give you some effective relief.
  • Experts also believed that dermatologist can actually see the reflection of stress on your skin. Even it can leads to infectious conditions like shingles, herpes etc. Some itchy situation like eczema, chronicus, and hives can also appear.

Beauty sleep: its usefulness

A good amount of quality sleep is the main purpose of beauty sleep. beauty-sleepIt can make your skin shiny & glossy more than any other beauty cream can do. In modern day’s stressful life many people are suffering from insomnia, though the sound sleep is very important for our over all well-being. So here are a few tips to get a perfect beauty sleep.

  • Reduce the alcohol as well as caffeine consumption & also try to quit smoking.
  • Never nap during the day hours; it will ruin your night sleep.
  • After you wake up in the morning spend sometime under the sunlight.Make your bedroom a peaceful area.
  • Make a routine of regular exercise.
  • Your bed should be comfortable as well as should be large enough.
  • At least 2-3 hours before your bedtime complete your eating/dinner.

Bad breath: An embarrassment

Bad breath always makes us uncomfortable in front of others.  It’s a very awkward feeling for each & every person. So try to eliminate this irritating problem with some easy tricks.

  • Make sure that you are brushing your teeth twice daily & also do not forget to use a tongue scraper.
  • While brushing your teeth make sure that you are doing this for almost 2-3 minutes & try to cover every part of your mouth.