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Diseases From Contaminated Swimming Water is Increasing

Latest research has shown an increase in the disease that is caused due to presence of Bacteria in the Swimming Water.

0n September 22, 2011, a new report of CDC showed, 8 people died and about 14,000 people in 38 States got sick by Bacteria and other bugs that are found in Swimming pools and at other places of swimming.

According to another report of CDC, this followed data from 23 States and Puerto Rico told that more than 4,000 people were sick and 3 people died due to drinking contaminated Water. Both these reports were published in the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Week Report.

CDC researchers say that there were 134 new cases of illness due to contaminated Water, it is the highest number ever reported in a period of 2 years. It is an increase of 72% since 2005-2006.

These cases were caused due to the Water of Swimming pools, Spas, Lakes, Rivers and Ocean. 45% cases were caused due to Cryptosporidium. It is a Chlorine-tolerant Parasite.
60.4% out of 134 cases is caused due to Gastrointestinal Illness, 17.9% due to Skin problems and 12.7% due to Severe Respiratory disease.

Learn About AFib Related Stroke Risks

Atrial Fibrillation can be fatal, TV Star Susan Lucci Talks about AFib Related Stroke Risks, she is very enthusiastic to create awareness among people about it because its ratio is increasing at faster rate and still majority of people don’t know about the symptoms, causes and effects of AFib related stroke.

The reason of deep interest of Susan Lucci is that his husband suffered from this ailment 10 years back and now she wants to educate the people so that they can avoid the risks associated with it.

TV Star Susan Lucci talks about Risks from Atrial Fibrillation-Related Stroke Risk; she said “Having been happily married for more than 41 years, Helmut and I are a true team.

We play an active role in each other’s health and work together to manage his AFib and reduce his risk of stroke. We know how much a stroke can impact all aspects of our family and we’re doing everything we can to reduce his risk.

We hope the Facing AFib PSA and website will help educate others about the risk of stroke associated with AFib and will encourage them to do all that they can to manage the condition, just like us.”

Many organizations like National Stroke Association are doing their level best to create awareness among people about AFib related stroke risks. Jim Baranski of National Stroke Association said, “As we strive to reduce the incidence and impact of stroke in America, raising awareness about AFib and stroke among patients and their loved ones is key.

“Little Miracle Missions” is a Year Long Program by Pampers

On the announcement of 50th anniversary celebrations, General Manager of Pampers Jodi Allen said, “In the midst of this very exciting milestone, Pampers 50th birthday, we are taking a retrospective look at five decades of parenthood filled with scientific advancements that have fundamentally changed the way we have we become parents. In embracing all of these changes and believing that all babies are little miracles to be celebrated we are so thrilled to unveil our Little Miracle Mission Campaign, which delivers acts of support to families and(hopeful families), while encouraging them to do the same. This is just the start of the amazing things we can do together and at the end of our birthday year; we hope to make this a better world for little miracles now and for years to come”.
Pampers 50th birthday celebrations Kicks off Little Miracle Missions at Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC. It continued its 50th birthday celebrations along with the celebrity parents and delivered the care packages to the NICU in the Newyork at Mount Sinai Hospital. Pampers also conducted a research to take an idea how parenting have evolved in U.S.A since last 5 decades. Increase in multiple births rates in U.S.A, rise of the use of fertility treatment, increase in number of single-parent families etc are the outcomes of this study, Current birth rate of U.S.A is almost equal to that of 50 years back, Gestational Surrogacy has become a more feasible option, Rise in average age of first-time mom, Stay-at-home fathers has become common are the outcomes of this study.
Pampers has planned to celebrate its 50the anniversary year in a quiet different way, it aims to encourage people to help others. Pampers kicks off Little Miracle Missions, to set examples for others. Employees of Pampers are playing a major role to make it successful, on 11th of April, employees with Vic Mills i.e. the founder of Pampers and inventor of Pampers diapers gathered with their kids to honor the progress of parenting and the role played by the Pampers at headquarters of P&G Baby Care.
Little Miracle Missions is a year long program; Celebrate, Support and Protect are the main theme line of this philanthropic campaign by Pampers, the shining brand of Proctor & Gamble.

Health Awareness with CIGNA Health Awareness Tour

The CIGNA health Awareness Tour Mobile Learning Lab is a lab on 18 wheels which is used to raise the understanding of health among common people.

CIGNA is an international medical insurance provider and well wishers of society too. CIGNA approaches to the community to tell them the importance of good health.

The main challenge of CIGNA health tour is to create the awareness in people the factors that may influence their health including blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc. CIGNA health tour awareness campaign provides holistic view to increase the understanding for medical indicators.

The basic aim of CIGNA health tour is to discuss about four main topics that are:

  • Obesity
  • How to read food labels and tips for portion control?
  • The mind body connection
  • Childhood obesity

Not just these topics are discussed there; it provides you information regarding any health related topics.
Their main motto is to invite people and to challenge themselves to think about their health in a different way. People can explore to make a difference in community by knowing more about their health through CIGNA health tour awareness.

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

So you finally decided to do something about your smoking and thought of taking up e cigarettes. If you are looking for a budget buy, read on to know about the cheap electronic cigarettes available in the market.

What are E-Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are smokeless cigarettes that run on in-built battery power and emit tobacco flavored liquid nicotine vapors. Smokers of e-cigarettes have a similar sensation as smoking traditional cigarettes but have little of the harmful side effects of actual cigarette consumption. Though not completely safe, e-cigarettes are considered a better alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Cheap Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarette price is much lower than the cost of traditional tobacco cigarettes. A pack of 5 e-cigarettes, which is equal to nearly 20 normal cigarettes, come at a price of about $6.50. One needs to buy the sticks only once and can use them for as long as they want. The Electronic Cigarette liquid is the only thing to be bought. Electronic Cigarette liquid refills are available at a very low cost.

Crest Crusade in 2011

Are you sure that you don’t have any oral problems? Not many people will be able to answer this question with a lot of belief and confidence because they are not very sure if they have any oral problems or not.

This is because only a certain percentage of the global population is conscious about their oral health care and the rest of the people go with the assumption that their oral health is satisfactory since they don’t have any pain or infections.

However, that is not true because oral problems can happen without any pain or infection and they can penetrate deeper into the roots and make situations worse.

Oral-B and Crest have decided that they will try and change the way Americans think about their oral care. To make this possible they have decided to launch their new cross country crusade in the year 2011 that will go to different parts of America and educate people about how they need to take care of their teeth and gums.

The crusade will help to spread the awareness about oral care and both the companies feel that this will help people to understand why they still suffer from oral problems even when they brush regularly.

Oscillo for Flu and Fever

People are really changing the way they think about their health. Today, people are very much conscious about the way they look and the way their body behaves to certain medicines.

Hence, they are very much particular about what kind of medicines they are taking to keep themselves fit and healthy. In the age of internet communication and information is available at the speed of light and many people today are aware that medicines that we consume can have long term effects on our body and most of them are not switching to different health therapies and medicines that are naturally made and does not have side effects.

Boiron is one of the leading manufacturers of homeopathic medicines and recently they did a survey through The Hartman Group where they wanted to find out more about what people think when they buy their medicines from the stores.

In the study it was found that more than 82% of the women shopping in the United States know about the importance of going for naturally made medicines rather than going for medicines that have synthetic chemicals.

DBSA’s New Campaign

Depression can really take patients down because these patients have very low self confidence and low motivation levels.

Hence, they need something better than medications. Although, some health experts believe that bipolar depression and major depressive disorders can be resolved through proper medication but AstraZeneca has decided to take the new initiative for these patients. AstraZeneca recently decided to go for partnership with Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) where they will launch a new campaign that would help patients suffering from depression to overcome their depression problems. The campaign is in the second year and it is known as Speak and Be Heard Living with Depression.

CancerAnswers123 Debuts with ACS

The world of internet is really unimaginable and therefore you can find unlimited information on the web. Today, internet has really made it easier for us to search for any kind of information. There are many people who prefer to search the information through internet because it is faster and easier. If you are looking for any health topics then you can find it better on the web. Cancer is one of the most searched topics on the web and therefore there are many new websites that provide information about cancer problems and different kinds of treatments that patients have to go through.

Why Premature Birth is So Serious and Dangerous?

Premature birth can be defined as a birth of a child before the thirty seven weeks of pregnancy completes and after viability.

Viability can be described as a stage when the fetus is able to survive outside the womb of the mother.

Babies born as early as 23 weeks have survived premature birth, but majority of them have been confronted with a series of health hazards.

Premature birth is known to be extremely dangerous for the child as well as the mother because it involves a departure from the general course of pregnancy. Especially, the babies are subject to an array of health problems ranging from acute neurological issues to death. And the main reason behind is that when babies are born prematurely, they do not get time to develop fully, and thus the organs are unable to function properly.