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Why Premature Birth is So Serious and Dangerous?

Premature birth can be defined as a birth of a child before the thirty seven weeks of pregnancy completes and after viability.

Viability can be described as a stage when the fetus is able to survive outside the womb of the mother.

Babies born as early as 23 weeks have survived premature birth, but majority of them have been confronted with a series of health hazards.

Premature birth is known to be extremely dangerous for the child as well as the mother because it involves a departure from the general course of pregnancy. Especially, the babies are subject to an array of health problems ranging from acute neurological issues to death. And the main reason behind is that when babies are born prematurely, they do not get time to develop fully, and thus the organs are unable to function properly.

2011 Miss America – Find Your Pageant Look and Win

Artistry the exclusive range of skincare and cosmetics products from the home of Amway gives a great opportunity of to the fans that have been awaiting the 2011 Miss America event which would be done in Las Vegas on January 15th 2011.

The company has declared a competition in the name of “Find Your Pageant Look and Win” Sweepstakes where they are offering several prizes.

The Grand winner of the event gets a chance to watch the grand event live at Las Vegas along with a friend.

Being a part of such a big event as a sponsor Artistry wants to share the excitement and fun with the fans through the Sweepstakes ‘Find Your Pageant and Win’. According to the company this would be a fun and interactive opportunity for discovering their own pageant beauty look.

The interested people who are willing to participate can do that easily by visiting The following is the package that is on offering for the lucky winner of the competition

Handling and Insertion of Contact Lenses

A number of manuals and guidelines are available regarding the proper use and handling of contact lenses.

All these manuals and guidelines give us a whole lot of information regarding the proper use of contact lenses, but as the old saying goes “practice makes perfect”, similarly, the more one uses the contact lens, the more well versed he or she becomes in the process of handling contact lenses. When inserting contact lenses, it is recommended to start with the right eye.

Opening the lens package for the first time must be done carefully, without causing any damage to the lens inside.

The Body Shaper is here – Women can now Reduce Weight even when Watching TV

The weight reduction process is the most tedious and time consuming process in anybody’s life.

Especially for women as a majority of them are looking to lose weight and stay in shape just like their teenage. If you’re one of those women who is struggling each day by exercising loads, maintaining diet, controlling sugary stuff and eating salads all day – You have some great news here. It’s all about a new cool body shaper.

The Shatobu have come out with an amazing workout method that you can’t imagine to be easier. It’s not even a method. It’s a miraculous invention that they came up with a few months back. The method works and many women have lost weight just by doing this method.

Get Rid of Dry Mouth!

Dry Mouth is a common problem that many people face and it can sometime be really annoying.

People should not ignore this problem as it can be very persistent some times and you would not like that.

Dry Mouth can indicate a serious health problem. So you may not want yourself to indulge in such a problem.

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research have suggested some of the solutions for people who are facing the problem of Dry mouth and how they can easily fight an occasional case of Dry Mouth. Some of them are as follows.